Sunday, November 13, 2016

Political Correctness, Ghost in the Shell, and Doctor Strange - This is Why We Lost

My last post was a bit too negative, I'll say. It's been a terrifying week here in the United States. But now that week is over, Donald Trump is president. And so far the world hasn't ended. The world still could end. There's a lot that Donald Trump represents that is truly scary. But you know that. It might be time to wonder: are you being made to be afraid? (Just a thought.) This nation needs to calm the fuck down for a moment. We can panic when Trump does something. Protesting his (semi)-legitimate election*, I mean, sorry, legitimate election is doing nothing. It's only making us angrier, more scared, and making things worse.

So instead, why don't we do something that we should have done and look inward. Hillary Clinton got the majority of the vote, the Democrats are the majority opinion in this country, yet they've lost every step of government. Why are we so ineffectual?

Well, I have a theory: the liberal media sucks. I'm barely a media person, so I can only slightly count myself in this camp. But let's be real here: we've done a bad job. I'm not saying reporting has failed. I'm not saying Breitbart and Fox News should be the new standard for reality. Yet I can say the liberal side of the equation has been focused on the wrong things. I can't tell you every answer. The media can be blamed for making Donald Trump the only Republican candidate, they can be blamed for never talking about the real issues in this election.

They thought a sex scandal from eleven years ago was what should decide the election. Not the economy, not trade, not foreign policy, but that Donald Trump isn't very polite. I'm sorry, this is delusional. We are lecturing to people. The liberal media is telling people what to think and focusing on the wrong things.

And one of those things is going to be the subject of this article right now: political correctness in film criticism and why it isn't helping.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The End of the Real America

It is now 1:17 AM at the moment I begin writing this. I have attempted to sleep for the past two hours. I've tossed and turned for a few minutes, tried to stay my beating heart. Then I flip the TV back on. The talking heads can only show the inevitable. Hillary Clinton has lost. The final results are not in, but she has no path in Pennsylvania. It's over. Donald Trump will now be our next president. And god, I wish any of these news people could say anything positive. Because I need a sign of something good. Anything.

My only silver lining is imagining that I'm wrong about this man. That I am as wrong as pollster and every pundit. However Donald Trump offers absolutely nothing for me. I could run down his entire run of campaign promises (even the ones that contradict the other ones, even the ones that are so vague as to be utter bullshit) and not find a single one I agree with. And this man has a mandate. He was the smartest person in the room today. He has a Republican Party that controls the Congress that can only sniff which direction the mood is going. There's a Supreme Court vacancy he can fill. There's an army of state politicians who will follow him. Donald Trump has power to remake America. You were told to be terrified during the election by Hillary Clinton.

I want not to be terrified. I am terrified anyway.

 These are bad years coming forward. I want to write about reconciliation. About how maybe with united government we can have a successful nation. I want to find something good to take away from this election. I can't find one though. I am 2016's Liberal Tea Party.

The America I knew is gone. I had a Real America. A Great America. I don't know if we'll ever see it again.

Monday, October 3, 2016

13th Review and Other Fandom Articles

Fandom does not really seem like the type of place to be very politics friendly. Most of the crap that gets written there is Star Wars and Batman speculation. And I'm not anti-Star Wars or anti-Batman. But I also understand that the site has a particular audience and they want to see video games and Luke Cage and nonsense.

But I sort of broke the rules this time using Ava DuVernay's newest move, "13th". Even though the post is just a review, and a short one, it felt like important writing. So I'm sharing it here, I'm sharing it everywhere I can. Because "13th" is an essential movie. Here's the article:

"13th" is going to be released to Netflix on October 7th. I strongly recommend you give it a watch. If you want to know part of the reason that 2016 has been such a shit storm of a year, why racial tension in this country has hit a twenty year high, you must see it. (And read my review, of course. Like, comment, subscribe, etc. etc.)

While I'm here, I might as well share everything else I've written recently. It's the New York Film Festival so I have a pile of reviews from there, along with other content.

Beyond the Bikini: Why 'Metal Gear Solid V's Quiet Deserves to be Heard Published 10/3

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Monday, September 26, 2016

On Election 2016: Pick the Least Worst Candidate

Tonight America will get to see two people they hate remind the nation why they should hate each other. 2016 is turning into one of those “the other guy is worse” elections. Only a tiny minority of voters actually want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be president. Only about 10% of the population even voted for these people to represent the Democratic and Republican parties. These candidates do not need to promise a thing. They don’t need plans or legislation or even to govern, just as long as the other guy does not get to rule.

If you listen to the rhetoric around this election, both of these candidates will lead this country to disaster. Hillary is a crooked spymaster, a wicked scheming eunuch of her husband’s court that has been bought and sold by powerful interests. And Donald Trump is a fascist leading a white supremacist revolution that will turn this country into Columbia from “BioShock Infinite”. They're both old, they're both crooked, they're both ugly, they're both out to steal America away from you.

The problem for me is that once you cut out the hyperbolic bullshit, I think both of these candidates are terrible choices. I’m still going to vote for Hillary Clinton, but I’ll do so with my eyes open. Neither one of these candidates will solve the dysfunction in Washington, neither one will bring this country together, neither one can solve our foreign policy issues, neither one can fix the economy. If either candidate wins, we are looking at a circus of four bad years in Washington to follow.

Do not think for a second that the moment your least favorite candidate loses that you can breathe a sigh of relief. Do you really think the Republicans are just going to sit back and let Hillary Clinton be president unchallenged? Do you think Trump will just build his wall and bomb families indiscriminately without backlash?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fandom Articles Catch-Up

Tragically, blogger-bros, I don't have anything new for you right now. (Writing schedule has been busy.) But I haven't forgotten about the blog, I'll try to keep you in the loop better. If you want to follow along with non-blog articles, make sure to follow me on Twitter (@BlueHighwind) if you haven't already. As you can see, I haven't been lazy, just... distracted.

There's also a Facebook page that's even more barren than this place.

Anyway, here's the articles that have come up in about the last month or so:

‘Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ Was the Best Ending to Sonic’s Golden Age - Published 8/8

Weird Watch: ‘The Spirit’ - Published 8/20

A Look at ‘Overwatch’ Hero Memes - Published 8/22

Crash Course: Dragon Quest - Published 8/31

The Failure of Final Fantasy Movies - Published 9/5 (For some reason people really seem to like this one.)

Fall Movie Preview: Movies for Nerds - Published 9/12

Metroid Fans Still Want Metroid Games, But Does Nintendo? - Published 9/12

Batman's Trouble With the Ladies - Published 9/17.

Also, got a press pass to New York Film Festival this year! Haha.