Sunday, March 18, 2012

200,000 Pageviews

Its a thing I did.  Or well, you guys did.  Because let's be honest, only a tiny fraction of those pageviews can possibly be me.  Thanks.  Keep reading.  Stuff is always coming up here at the BlueHighwind Blog.


  1. Good job! And with these views a gift from your favorite director: Michael Bay!

    Ha...what an asshole

  2. Lucky. The majority of my pageviews on my blog are from myself and the piece of shit that people somehow mistake for a sentient female being that came from the same womb that I did. >_>

    1. In fact, my Blog's been up for almost 2 years and it doesn't even have 3000 views. T_T

      Also, I'm thinking of restarting my Bleach Recaps after this arc ends to possibly increase viewership. Not like it'll happen, but still.

  3. congrats, it's because you continue to speak the truth.

  4. Nice work! Only got 5,000 here, but that's mostly because my blog's hidden. Doesn't matter much in the end, because, as Cazaki above reminded me with Michael Bay, it's not how many views you get but rather the content that makes the blog/movie/insert-form-of-media-here what it is.

    I hope that wasn't interpreted as saying "Blue is the Michael Bay of blogging," because that would be entirely the opposite of what I was trying to say.

  5. Dude you're've helped me thru 3 Final Fantasies...and kept me interested in FFX after that POS yelling scene with T-crap and Yuna(which i was embarrased to be wathing as well) Anyway, always enjoy what you have written on the blog...keep up the good work!