Sunday, August 19, 2012

Make-A-Wish Foundation Final Fantasy Charity Stream

Have you ever wanted to watch a lot of English people playthrough every game in the Final Fantasy series for charity?  If not, you do now, because I'm ordering you to be excited by this.

Console Realm is raising 1000 pounds (which in real money from real countries is probably only two or three dollars) for charity, based upon the unimaginable humiliation of playing through every main Final Fantasy series and streaming it online for the entire Internet to enjoy.  Their host, Adam, has asked me to advertise in any way I could, I've already given some money, and you should too.  Because charities are good things, and they'll get you into Heaven.  And even if you want to go to Hell, you could probably make up some excuse to Satan for your good deed.  The playthrough will be up on the 25th.  They're going to do the entire series in just a week - which is, to coin a phrase, ball-steamingly insane with a side of fries.  You should support them, by giving money.  Or by watching.

Here's where you give them your money.

Here is their site.

Happy giving.

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  1. Oh god, you current comment. I really don't want to remember that show. Thanks. SO. FUCKING. MUCH.