Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest LP

Remember that "Final Fantasy VI" Let's Play I was doing a while back?  Well, we kinda took a break from it, and I decided to play an RPG I'd never tried before, the largely forgotten, "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest".  "Mystic Quest" was made by Square's Osaka division in 1992, who up until that time had only made RPGs on the Nintendo Gameboy... and it shows.  The Super Nintendo is an incredible system and at the time was capable of stunning graphics, it was the home to gorgeous games that continue to be regarded as classics to this very day - "Mystic Quest" is not one of them.  The game appears to have been made on virtually no budget whatsoever with the most simplistic, repetitive, and horribly horribly dull RPG battle system ever made.  There's almost no story, no characters with any depth, very little exploration, no sidequests, and very little strategy.

Let me explain what "Mystic Quest" actually is:  repetition.  Endless endless repetition.  The game is at most ten hours long, and yet 90% of that is padding.  You'll spend most of your "Mystic Quest" experience wandering around blocky ugly labyrinths of dungeons with very tight corridors filled with an endless army of pathetically easy enemies blocking your path.  You can't skip these guys, you need to kill them to get them out of your way.  So you fight through the enemies endlessly, then kill a boss, then you repeat the process over again in another dungeon.  Its easily the blandest and most terrible 16 bit RPG I've ever seen, inexcuable in its dullness.  But yet somehow it has an amazingly rocking soundtrack....  I don't understand.  Honestly there's nothing to hate here, but there's nothing to love either.  Games are supposed to be fun, and this game is the absence of fun.

So me and some FFWiki chums LPed the game, and here it is, our entire experience in five long videos:

I suppose sometime in my future life I will LP another game, hopefully something awesome and obscure like "Terranigma" or "DBZ: Legacy of Goku II".


  1. You sound really sexy. :D

  2. Have you ever thought about doing anything with Shin Megami Tensei I, like a LP or walkthrough or anything? You may have been put off by Persona 1 and 3, but SMT1 doesn't really focus on school life at all. In fact, it focuses more on post-apocalyptic wasteland life. It's also first person, and if there are four monsters on the field and there is only one kind of monster on the field, then there will only be one monster sprite on the screen and four Mans at the top of the screen. But it's so cool, and you can even fuse your dog with a demon to turn your dog into a super demon 'cause IT'S SO COOL.