Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Man of Steel Trailer #2

Just... just, watch it, already:

A few months ago I reviewed "All-Star Superman", the supposedly greatest Superman comic book of all time that I personally found to be confusing, rambling, and ridiculous, basically everything I hate about superhero comics.  So I've resolved to never review another comic book again, because clearly I'm not the target audience.  "All-Star Superman" was supposedly the grand, almost-Biblical epic take on the Superman mythos, the ultimate final dramatic glory that is Superman all in one graphic novel.  Well, I say it didn't succeed, there, but Zach Synder and Master Christopher Nolan have definitely shown DC comics up with this one.

Yeah, its a trailer, its made to look awesome.  Why would a trailer go out of its way to look terrible?  Well, certainly "The Lone Ranger" trailer did go out of its way to look terrible, so I don't know.  The point is that this seems like an almost religious take on Superman, presenting him in as the Almighty Savior for a very imperfect world.  Most interest is Johnathan Kent (played by Kevin Costner) telling little Superboy that maybe it would have been a better choice to let his entire classroom die instead of saving them and revealing his powers.  But then we still have Superman in his god-like glory blasting off at mach 10 around the globe.  And there are cities getting blown to bits.  The stakes seem high, the mood seems right, it isn't going to goofy comic book thrills, its going for something more mature and serious.  So it looks awesome.

Two complaints though:  chill out with the shaky-cam business.  And why is there "Gladiator" music instead of the John Williams Superman theme?  Beyond that, this is going to be something not easily ignored next year.

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  1. The composer (Hans Zimmer, I think?) said that he couldn't even compete with the original Superman theme, so he originally declined to do the soundtrack, but eventually said he's okay with trying.