Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Play Final Fantasy VIII Trailer

We just finished our "Final Fantasy VI" Let's Play, and now there is a vacuum in my soul.  An LP vacuum.  So after, more or less botching the LP of "Mystic Quest", I figured I had to LP something else.  Preferably something I had not played before.  Sadly, the only mainline Final Fantasy game that fit that bill was "Final Fantasy XIII", and I don't think I'm ready for that yet.  So instead, we're doing "Final Fantasy VIII".

"Final Fantasy VIII" is not a good game.  In fact, I'd sometimes wonder if its a game at all.  But what is, is great LP material since all of us at the Final Fantasy Wiki generally dislike it, or at least very strongly dislike certain characters.  I hope the next months of LP material will be just as insane as this video:

First videos will begin posting on Saturday.  I promise this isn't going to be a twenty-hour long bashfest of FFVIII, I'm giving this game a full chance to surprise me by begin decent.  And I'm going to try not to break the game and play it completely fairly, though that is rather difficult when its so easy to be overpowered in FFVIII.  I dunno.  Much love and fun will be shared if you come and watch, BLUEHIGHWIND's Final Fantasy VIII LET'S PLAY!!!  DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN!!!


  1. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life.

  2. The worst thing about that game, most would argue with me here, it's quistis trepe. boom!

  3. There is so much rage about this game. I actually happen to like it...not the first time I played it though, the second time. I just had to see it as not a FF game and I found it entertaining enough. It definetly had potential.