Thursday, April 4, 2013

BlueHighwind Plays Bubsy 3D

Its the worst thing ever.  This is just me playing fifteen minutes of the game on an emulator, and I couldn't take a single second more.  More or less, this is a bonus video to the Final Fantasy VIII Let's Play, created because... I ruined a recording last night and I did this to show how terribly sorry I am.

I haven't really played any of the great legendarily bad video games like "Superman 64" or "Action 52" or anything.  But "Bubsy 3D" is a brand new step into the realm of horror.  It doesn't even feel like a real video game company made it, it feels like a terrible student project, or failed internal studio experiment that was never meant to see the inside of the light of day.  No surprise, its awful.

Hopefully I won't continue to make terribly mistakes on the FFVIII Let's Play, or else I'm going to have to find even more bad games to play as penitence.


  1. You should watch JonTron's video about the Bubsy series. He really sympathizes with you here.

    How exactly did you record the video for this? I wanted to start some video Let's Plays.

    1. Hypercam2. Its free, it works. Audacity recorded voice which was done live and unscripted. (This was the second take.)

  2. What emulator are you using I want to try this in some weird morbid way.