Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Furious 6

I started this out as a normal written review.  Then I found myself spending a good hour just summarizing the plot, and I realized something:  "Furious 6" is the stupidest movie ever made... by a major studio... this decade.  So I sat down with a couple of beers and recorded myself simply trying to explain the plot, and this took an hour and a half.  I've uploaded this vlog(?) or perhaps better described as a rant onto Youtube, and I have presented the madness here in its full form.  I don't think I'm going to do this often, and these audio recordings are not going to replace the normal reviews.  Enjoy:


  1. I get the feeling this would be a lot funnier if done with 5 other drunk guys in a car after a midnight screening.


    1. I saw it with my baby brother. ...And a lot of really really stupid people who seemed to love every minute. I was the only person who laughed at the actually funny parts, and they cheered at the dumbest shit. Maybe they were all drunk, I dunno.

    2. @Xepscern I see what you did there =P

      But yea I got drunk and saw this with my own friends. I'm pretty sure if I saw this by myself I would have smashed my head against the headrest in front of me. But with a bunch of drunk guys and gals AND A FUCKING TANK I couldn't help but enjoy all the stupidity that comes with Furious 6. I can't even remember what the hell even happened which is rare for me, because I almost remember everything I have ever watched. Will I ever see this movie again? Hell No. Even if it comes on on TV? Hell to the fuckin NO. But I did learn one thing from 6: The Rock has some sick ass muscles. I need to start blastin' my quads. =P

      And Blue you should do more Vlogs. You sound great and you kept me entertained. Maybe bring in someone with a goofier personality to bounce jokes off of and so forth.