Monday, June 24, 2013

Man of Steel - Why Punching Things Isn't Enough

A vocal review of "Man of Steel", explaining why this movie completely missed the point:

Hopefully the next time I record my voice it will be for something fun again, like "Furious 6".


  1. I don't know Blue. I know I'm going to be the flaming red in a sea of blue, but I somewhat enjoyed Man of Steel. Is it the best superman movie outside of the animated movies? HELLZ YEAH! But as a stand alone movie? Meh, it's ok.The acting is bland, Zod is a dumbass (Although if you really think about it you can see why he didn't ask Supe for help), shaky cam, and the last fight fight scene goes on 5 minutes too long. But for all it's faults I feel that it did....Okay. Hell for all we now it might pull a Dark Knight on us and we'll hail this as the greatest cinema movie of all time.

    1. No we won't because this film was released to lukewarm reviews whereas Dark Knight was immediately lauded as a game-changer and a good film regardless of it's comic book roots. Man of Steel was just a mess in comparison.

    2. I really don't think I'll come around on Man of Steel, especially since its roughly second-worst film I've seen all year, behind only Pain and Gain (which was all pain, very little gain). But hey, if you enjoyed it, that's fine, but its never going to be a classic.

    3. Let me clarify what I meant on that last sentance. Remember when the Nolan Batman came out and most people (Not me) were like, "Meh it's ok. I still like the Tim Burton Batman better.", then The Dark Knight came out and everyone was like, "THIS SERIES IS THE GREATEST THING EVA!!!!11!!1". That's what I meant when by that last sentence. The next will probably be a crap-ton better then this one and that's only because the only two candidates for villains that they can really go for to make this trilogy great is either Brainiac/Luther combo or Darkseid. Sorry for the confusion.

    4. Darkseid is booked for the JL movie