Friday, September 26, 2014

Poll: New Blog Title Needed

Okay, let us face facts here.  I am the world's worst brand marketer.  The name "Planet Blue" is terrible.  It was pretty much just a place holder from the beginning, because it was either that or just "BlueHighwind's Blog".  (And as for "Tales From the Q?", there are some things best left forgotten.)  Ultimately there are simple goals that a title must achieve.  #1 Be memorable - this isn't.  Nobody can remember the name of my blog.  #2 Be easily reached at the top of a Google searches - and I have failed even more miserably at that.  I mean, look at these jerks, stealing my title!  And calling it "Official" too.

We are nearing five years now at this blog.  There have been successes, but clearly improvements need to be made.  Some of those improvements have been embarrassingly basic, like actually re-reading and editing my text, to aesthetic such as the addition of screenshots and the new BH avatar.  Clearly though one of the worst problems this blog has is its title, and that needs to change.

Unfortunately, I am the world's worst namer for things.  I wrote up a list of fifty titles, nearly all of them terrible, and I'm down to about six ideas, none of which I'm hugely in love with, but they could be worse:

1. The Blog from 20,000 Fathoms
2. It Conquered the Internet
3. A Clockwork Blue
4. Blue Highwind's Lonely Hearts Club Blog
5. The Highwind Empire
6. The World Ends With Blue
7. EDIT:  Blog Highwind (suggested by Technobliterator)

Anyway, thanks to the magic of the Internet, I can have a conversation with everybody instead of carrying the burden alone.  Instead of making the decision myself, you all can!  (I am psychologically unable to make a decision, actually.  I cannot pick paper or plastic, let alone a name.)  So leave in the comments below which title you like most, or if you can come up with something even better than my attempts here.


  1. I'm absolutely awful with names, but if there was such a thing as a Highwind Empire, all my troubles over which faction to belong to would be over.

    It also sounds all sorts of badass, so that's a nice bonus.

  2. Highwind's Blueland? The Blue of Highwind? Highwind Blues? Real Planet Blue Cos There Was A Fake? Blog and Stuffs The Adventures of Blue Highwind? Le Grand Blue? That's about all the ideas I have.

  3. I loved your game walkthrough/commentaries. Your Final Fantasy walkthroughs really made me laugh and I found them to be very original. I would love to see more game walkthroughs like that!

  4. Hmmm I like 5-7, so those would be some good ones to use.

    Umm names names: Bluehighwind's Blog against Humanity,Bluehighwind today the internet tomorrow the world, Bluehighwind and the space monkeys, United Bluehighwind, Bluehighwind served over easy ( that ones kinda crap), Highwind after dark, Bluehighwind's fantastic odyssey, the Highwind Knights.

    That's all I got for know.
    Hope it helps.

    Sword Of Primus

  5. I'm bad with names too, but I do like the Highwind Empire. But then their would have to be more then one coloured Highwind, right?

  6. Also if you do change stuff around keep the space monkey. He amuses me.

    1. Space Monkey is staying on the banner. There's going to be a new one made and I might even switch up the layout slowly, but monkey is staying.

  7. I like "A Clockwork Blue", personally. It's short, snappy and a nice pun.

  8. I actually liked "Planet Blue". I do agree that it's not great for web searches, though. Among the choices, I like "Blog Highwind" best.

    - Ahmed

  9. I'm actually a bit sad the "Planet Blue" title won't be a thing anymore, but if you really want a new title, 3 - 7's my pick. Out with the old, in with the new, I suppose.

  10. I like The World Ends With Blue. Or maybe you could go with something really simple, like Blue Blog?

  11. I'm currently leaning towards "A Clockwork Blue". I'll probably begin changing things up tomorrow, between reviewing Gone Girl. Definitely sometime next week the world will change.

  12. I suggest: It's A Whole Blue World. Or BlueHighwind Inc.

  13. My personal favorites are either It Conquered the Internet or The Blog from 20,000 Fathoms. :)

  14. I've warmed up to The World Ends with Blue and The Highwind Empire.

  15. even though you didn't like the game, The World Ends With Blue =P