Monday, October 3, 2016

13th Review and Other Fandom Articles

Fandom does not really seem like the type of place to be very politics friendly. Most of the crap that gets written there is Star Wars and Batman speculation. And I'm not anti-Star Wars or anti-Batman. But I also understand that the site has a particular audience and they want to see video games and Luke Cage and nonsense.

But I sort of broke the rules this time using Ava DuVernay's newest move, "13th". Even though the post is just a review, and a short one, it felt like important writing. So I'm sharing it here, I'm sharing it everywhere I can. Because "13th" is an essential movie. Here's the article:

"13th" is going to be released to Netflix on October 7th. I strongly recommend you give it a watch. If you want to know part of the reason that 2016 has been such a shit storm of a year, why racial tension in this country has hit a twenty year high, you must see it. (And read my review, of course. Like, comment, subscribe, etc. etc.)

While I'm here, I might as well share everything else I've written recently. It's the New York Film Festival so I have a pile of reviews from there, along with other content.

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NYFF Preview: 'I, Daniel Blake' Published 9/22

Is 'No Man's Sky' an Indie Game? Published 9/21

The Bleak World of 'Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun' Published 10/2

Weird Watch: 'Inland Empire' Published 9/25

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