Friday, November 27, 2009


Hello, Space Monkies.

This is going to be my very first post on what I hope will be a somewhat successful run here. With any luck, we will have many long years of me ranting into the empty void of cyberspace about whatever catches my fancy: movies, video games, minor irritants, short original fiction, whatever. And maybe, just maybe, somebody will actually read it. If not, this will make a perfectly fine diary.

Don't expect to learn my name, or very much personal information. Just know this: I am a reasonable intelligent male barely adult age attending a "discount Ivy League" school in the Northeast United States. Usually having very strong opinions about works of fiction I see and not nearly enough people to talk to them about, I need an outlet to pour this wasted creative energy. Once upon a time I ran a blog of this exact same name on the Wikia Final Fantasy wiki, but I left there because of the unimaginable amount of nonsense that floats around such an environment. You have no idea, Space Monkies, no idea. I of course spent most of my time there writing up poorly written joke Walkthroughs and making a complete ass of myself. Which oddly enough is exactly what you need to do become part of the Staff there. Funny, huh?

But I've since left that world and now hope to take up Internet residence here, talking into this white edit box. Do you want to join me on this journey of my opinions? Feel free.

Some explantions are probably in order. Q? is my personal logo. David had the six-pointed star, I have the Q?. It is pronounced "Q with a Question Mark", since the question mark happens to be what makes the magic happen. Your name, "Space Monkies" is a mispelled reference to the movie Fight Club. Any questions?

So for now, that is that. See you Space Monkies next time!


  1. That's cool, Blue. It's nice to see that some things never change.......

  2. If you ever get Dissidia, can you please post your comments on it?

    Oh, and get the Japanese version, I hear there's a patch.

    -Sora G. Strife

  3. One question.
    How the FUCK did your Final Fantasy IX review get deleted? I was up on my fucking toes on how awesome it was so I went and bought a copy, came back and it wasn't there.