Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Disgusted Part 2

Hello, Space Monkees.

As of a few hours ago, the NJ Senate vote to legalize same-sex marriage in the state of New Jersey failed in a predictable display of the cowardice of our representatives.  I am happy to say that my own state senator, Sandra Bolden Cunningham was one of the senators who voted for the measure.  Her speech before has been reported of special note, I commend her for that.  Cunningham will be getting my vote next time she is up for reelection - and I will be voting.  Trust me on that.  From the initial news outlets, I hear that five senators abstained from votes.  This is exactly what I meant by "cowardice" in my last post.  Are you so afraid of being judged harshly that you cannot even take a side?  I really do hope that people like this are voted out of office coming soon.  At the very least a vote was undertaken, which is actually more than I expected out of New Jersey politicians.

I've heard that there is an amendment in the works that would amend the New Jersey constitution to officially define marriage as between "a man and a woman" which would be voted upon in the state legislature.  Its most likely doomed to fail.  Luckily New Jersey has no system of referendums, where the voters can directly amend their constitution through vote.  This is how same-sex marriage has been banned largely throughout the nation:  by allowing the citizens to directly meddle with their state constitutions to single out minorities.  If you ever needed a more clear-cut example of what Alexis de Tocqueville called "the tyranny of the majority" here you go.  Congratulations, America.

I'm still disgusted.


  1. Hmm, yeah I just found out a bit myself as well. Like I said in the previous one, I'm not surprised at all. But Kudos to your senator. At least we know not everyone is crazy.

  2. Referendum is necessary to root out corruption and tyranny by bypassing the elected oligarchy that is likely going to betray their voter's wishes, since they have immunity once they're elected.

    I also never really saw anything that wrong with incest, as long as you kill the genetic abominations that are born from that relationship. Deliverance taught me that the fewer of those freaks there are the better.