Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nightmare Weeks

School assignments are nightmarish at the moment.  So I can't really promise an update of any particular kind for a bit.  But don't fear!  My copy of "Dragon Quest VI" is in the mail.  I got a copy of "Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis".  And I'm seriously considering watching "Ides of March".  So reviews are coming... just not quickly.  At all.  Sorry.

I'm gonna try to do some really quick posts like Sunday's thing to break up the tedium.  So its not like I've abandoned the site.  You can send all complaints to my college.

Also, no matter how bad I get, I'll never reach Spoony One levels of laziness.


  1. @Anon: This guy.
    I totally understand what you're going through, Blue.

  2. And even Spoony will never reach Miura levels of lazyness.

    But I think I know why you don't like LoTR. It's because it has nothing to prove. It's the granddaddy of all of the high fantasy that you like, and all of them try to engage the reader instantly to try and beat LoTR. LoTR doesn't roll like that; it has it's own epic pace that unfolds slowly, but makes the payoff feel worth it. All of the adventures the party has strike the right balance of dramatic weight and humble scope compared to the greater conflicts. It's the kind of story that rolls you up rather than hooks you in with the pace. It's never a gripping page-turner, but there are still some passages that send a chill down my spine even on my umpteenth read. The story starts from humble beginnings and grows from there. It's the ancient gothic cathedral rather than the energetic gospel church.


  3. Spoony scares me.