Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bleach Recaps Have Moved

"Bleach" was never a good show, but even I never thought it would get this bad.  So ultimately, I can't be bothered to keep writing about the show, and even if I did, as you've noticed, school demands have increased considerably, so I don't have the time to write four posts a week like I was pulling back in the summer.  Already I have a big backlog of posts, I can't throw "Bleach" onto the load.  (And I'm trying to create something substantial of my own outside of this blog, so that's another chunk of time lost from the week.)

On that note, my dear friend HeadBodyMaster has taken up the candle of "Bleach"-ness.  There's a new arc on the way, one that actually looks good.  Here's his recap of Episode 230, enjoy it.  He's done an excellent job of recreating my work, and is funny on its own merits.  So head over to Head Body World, when you get the Bleach bug.

As for me and "Bleach", I don't think we're completely divorced from each other.  I'll be reviewing the movies when they come out in English.  Movie 3 is coming later this week.  And I might just make a final comment on the seasons when they're finished, who knows?

Til next time.


  1. Wait, seriously?! Aw, I really enjoyed your recaps. But I can understand if you don't want to/don't have the time.

    Unfortunately, this week's was half-assed. I started it only about 10 minutes after the episode ended and it took me an hour to make, but it was still half-assed. I'm going to have to try harder from now on.

    Thanks for recommending me by the way. I need more subscribers.

  2. I never read them. The anime couldn't grab me for longer than 17 episodes. But Blue has superhuman resilience to shitty books and television series. He should write for the Spoony Experiment. Maybe replace Dean The Adequate.

  3. I just noticed something... strange about this post. "My dear friend?" We don't even know each other! I mean, you've responded to a few of my comments, but other than that, nothing! Just kind of weird.