Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grand List of JRPGs That I've Played

In the last post on "Resonance of Fate", I was getting a few comments on whether I played this game or another game.  Unfortunately, in all likelihood, I haven't played them.  Don't get me wrong, I've played a lot of JRPGs:  pretty much the entire Final Fantasy series, comprehensively the entire Kingdom Hearts series, a good chunk of the Dragon Quest series, and lots of little other games here and there.  But I haven't played all of them, and I really have no interest in playing them.  There isn't enough time in any life to play all the RPGs that have been made in just the last ten years, let alone all the many great games that will come in the future.  So let me make this really easy by simply listing all the games I've played and give them a one sentence review.  Considering my usual diarrhea of the typewriter, can I do it?

Final Fantasy I* - The ultimate classic RPG, even though it has barely any story it is the bare bones of what any great game should be.

Final Fantasy II - Apparently this game had a very complex and innovative battle system, but I never understood it for a second (still beat it), and honestly was pretty bored by the storyline.

Final Fantasy III DS - A wonderfully charming little game about kids who switch Jobs and wander around the world so lovely it doesn't need a plot.

Final Fantasy IV DS* - A thoroughly evil game that constantly looks for ways to make me rage quit:  killing off my favorite characters, unfair enemy strength, hiding the best skills in impossible places.  Evil.

And many more after the break...

Final Fantasy V* - A more complicated Job-based game with Gilgamesh, but somehow less charming than FFIII.

Final Fantasy VI* - The birth of the modern RPG, the first Final Fantasy game with a storyline that's actually good, and amazing 2D graphics.

Final Fantasy VII* - The most famous RPG of all time, and for good reason, this is the natural evolution of FFVI, doing everything even better - story, characters, and gameplay.

Final Fantasy VIII - The most schizophrenic game I've ever played:  the gameplay is a confusing mix-up of far too many concepts, the storyline is even worse, and all in all it made so little sense to me that I gave up 2/3rds of the way through.

Final Fantasy IX* - Probably the best PS1 RPG ever made thanks to a great art style, incredible characters, and really impressive gameplay, arguably the most epic RPG Square Enix ever made.

Final Fantasy X* - In my opinion the most overrated RPG ever, and for good reason - the storyline could only appeal to teenagers (and immature teenagers at that), the world is linear and clearly unfinished, and the entire experience was altogether less impressive than FFIX.

Final Fantasy XII* - A complete overhaul of the Final Fantasy formula (which SE then ignored to completely overhaul the formula again for no obvious reason), but still an amazing game that everybody should play:  a great political storyline that ignores typical RPG teen angst, the best gameplay of any RPG I've ever played, and loads and loads of fun.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions* - The ultimate political storyline for an RPG, and the ultimate strategy game, I cannot stop loving this game.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - The worst RTS I've ever played, a bad game that tried to make itself seem better by stealing the FFXII license - I don't count this as a real sequel.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - What could have been a great Kingdom Hearts game was ruined by a silly battle system and that STUPID slot thing.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Possibly the worst game I ever played.

Dissidia Final Fantasy - SE proves beyond a doubt they have no idea what makes Final Fantasy a great memorable series by creating an ungainly fighting game and writing the single worst storyline I have ever seen.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers - Its Silver the Hedgehog: the Game, and surprisingly decent despite the entire world forgetting about its existence.

Chrono Trigger - The most charming RPG ever, make that the ultimate RPG, there is nothing not to love here.

Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes - An illegal unfinished fan-made sequel to "Chrono Trigger" made by hacking into the original game, "Crimson Echoes" was surprisingly decent and still inferior to the original.

Kingdom Hearts I - If this game wasn't amazing, do you think there would be so many sequels?

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - A little too complicated thanks to a card-battle system, but still a great 2D action game.

Kingdom Hearts II - A game almost as good as the original, and it has the best boss fights of the entire series.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days - Despite the worst title for any game ever, this game has a great storyline even if the gameplay is seriously repetitive.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - The AAA Kingdom Hearts game for the PSP, it may not be as good as "Kingdom Hearts I" or "Kingdom Hearts II", but it was a lot of fun, even if the entire storyline depends on the heroes being incredibly stupid.

Kingdom Hearts: coded DS - A lazy game slapped together for cheap cash, skip it.

Dragon Quest IV - The "Final Fantasy III" of Dragon Quest, an amazing, simple, charming game.

Dragon Quest V - The only RPG I've played where you can choose a wife and have kids, who all matter to the plot, that makes it great.

Dragon Quest VI - Currently playing, but kinda bored with it already.

Dragon Quest VIII - Classic Dragon Quest gameplay and art style brought to a 3D game with such incredible results that its easily the best game of the series.

Dragon Quest IX - Yet another decent Dragon Quest game, this one doesn't have random encounters, but has a great episodic storyline, even if the Job Class system was a bit frustrating.

Ogre Battle - I tried to like this game, but I really do not like the RTS gameplay.

Ogre Battle 64 - Same as above, sadly, but this one has a better storyline.

Tactics Ogre PSP - A game just as good as "Final Fantasy Tactics" and easily as epic, I'm waiting for a sequel.

Valkyrie Profile - I gave up on this game pretty quickly because it played like a Metroidvania platforming game, only with a completely unnecessary RPG battle system thrown in for no apparent reason.

Paper Mario - I had the same problem with this game as with "Valkyrie Profile", instead of the RPG crap I just wanted a simple, fun Mario game so I never finished.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Fire Emblem games are a bit too linear for me, and a bit too cruel, but this epic strategy game was a lot of fun.

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Even better than the other one in terms of storyline, but even though this was apparently the easiest Fire Emblem game, I couldn't beat it - Fire Emblem games are too hard core for me.

Jeanne d'Arc - This is the most underrated game on this list; a cartoony tactical RPG for the PSP that may have been low-intensity in terms of difficulty, it was still a lot of fun.

Disgaea 2 - A lot of people like the Disgaea series, I really do not:  the art style is creepy, it isn't funny, and the gameplay is boring when the storyline sucks so bad.

Persona 1 PSP - The game had the best music of any RPG I've ever played, and I still listen to the soundtrack years later... the gameplay however was - to use a single word - unplayable.

Persona 3 PSP - One of the most interesting RPGs I've ever played thanks to simulating the entire life of a high school student, unfortunately the storyline was disappointing, the lone-dungeon system was stupid, and like in real high school, I was seriously bored by the end.

Terranigma - An interesting action RPG for the SNES, unfortunately the storyline was so bare-bones that I wound up losing interest and giving up halfway through.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - You may not know this, but this is actually the hardest game ever made, and I can't beat the first boss.

Pokemon - (All these games are essentially the same, so just one sentence will do.) Everybody loves Pokemon, I am a subset of everybody, therefore I love Pokemon.

Resonance of Fate - Didn't I just review this?

Skies of Arcadia - Currently playing, review on way.

******Now, just for giggles, here's a small list of JRPG games I really want to play.********

Chrono Cross - I need to know why SE abandoned this series, and I think I'll find out the truth by playing this.

Digital Devil Saga - X-Play loved this game, and its counted as a great game.

Persona 4 - Yeah, I didn't like "Persona 3", but maybe this game will fix the flaws of the last one, which was still very interesting and memorable.

Ni no Kuni - Studio Ghibli:  the GAME.

The Last Story - The trailers make this look like a stunning action-RPG, but who knows if Nintendo will ever release it?

Xenoblade - Nintendo will release this one, considering all the stress this game gave me over the summer, I have to play it.

Kingdom Hearts 3D - Um... its a Kingdom Hearts game, so that legally binds me to play it.

Final Fantasy Type-0 (AKA "Agito XIII") - The only Final Fantasy game that has been released in the last few years that legitimately looks like a great game, sadly God knows when or how it will be released in the US.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - I think I only want to play this game to write a scathing review, honestly all hope that this game will be good evaporated for me when I found out about the game's ending - there isn't one.  This game is a scam, filler for the inevitable "Final Fantasy XIII-3".

Dragon Age: Origins - I guess I have to try a WRPG at some point, right?

* I actually walkthroughed this game in another life.  If you're looking for the FFIX walkthrough, don't bother. I was deleted due to overwhelming levels of high school stupidity.


  1. Say, Blue, would you ever consider selling the story of you searching for the truth of Chrono Cross with a few minor embellishment? We could add Morgan Freeman as your mentor who tries to tell you that some things are better left unsaid. So wadaya say? I've got Paramount on the line as we speak.

    1. No, it should be a mindbending thriller directed by Master Christopher Nolan. Instead of Morgan Freeman, make it Michael Caine.

    2. Noted. Will you be starring as yourself or do you have anyone else in mind?

  2. Skies of Arcadia was great back in the day, but I remember there being an ungodly amount of random encounters. So much so that I don't think I could tolerate it today. I'm interested to hear what you think about it.

  3. "Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Possibly the worst game I ever played"

    I lol'd. Pretty good list of JRPG's. I REALLY want to know what you'll think of a WRPG like Dragon Age.

  4. Honestly, if you don't care too much for story, like me, and are open to all kinds of gameplay, again like me, games like Dissidia, Crisis Core, and FFIV are great, even amazing. Hell, Dissidia 012 is my favorite game, maybe tied with Super Smash Bros Brawl.

    Of course, this is all YOUR opinions of the games, and who am I to try to change other people's beliefs?

  5. "the storyline could only appeal to teenagers (and immature teenagers at that)"

    Hahaha, oh wow. That's kinda unfair don't you think?

  6. Hm, not a bad list. Our opinions definitely differ from game to game, as I've known for a while now, but it's still a lot of fun reading it.

    I don't get what everyone's problem is with there possibly being a XIII-3 though. So long as Versus comes out before it, I'd be happy to play a third FFXIII game. While FFXIII is far from my favourite in the series, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. FFXIII-2 looks good, and if it ends up as good as it looks, I'd be more than happy to give a XIII-3 the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Here's why I don't like the idea of there being a FFXIII-3. First of all, FFXIII-2 was clearly advertised from the start as being the end of the FFXIII story, it was never said to be part 2 of a trilogy. If SE had been honest, I probably wouldn't have asked Santa to pre-order the game. The only reason I haven't canceled my order is because its a gift.

      Also, as with my suspicions about FFXIII-1, I can't help but get the idea that FFXIII-2 is an unfinished game rushed out to release in order to make tons and tons of money. They could have finished the entire thing, they just didn't have the time or will. Why should I reward a developer for making worse games?

  7. Type-0/Agito does have a confirmed English release "soon", and it even has a confirmed sequel. Hope they don't screw them up.

  8. I'm making an account after writing this post, so just so you know, I'm Djlanfull.
    How da. fu. do you NOT like FFIV?
    Meh, I see why not. The story is crap and the characters aren't likeable, but the game (other than the story, duh) is pretty damn awesome. The graphics may not be the best, but god damn. The god damned bosses after Barbariccia are hardcore and the best bosses I've fought.
    Also, I think you should give FFXIII a chance. Rent it...ask a friend for it...or freaking steal it from the homeless, I don't care. Give it a try. It's linear, yes; but starting Chapter 2, I found it to be extremely awesome. Also, no grinding needed!
    Also, thank you so much for FFIV's walkthrough. Couldn't have done it [finished the game] without you.

  9. Alright, so is FFXIII-2 going to be like Skyrim? With no actual ending? Or is it just gonna be a retarded cliffhanger?

    1. Actually there are several endings in XIII_2 like they did with Chrono Trigger. There are three "good" endings, two "bad" endings, and one Joke ending. Each ending is determined by choices made by certain decision in the game. I think SE might pick the lesser "bad" ending for XII-3. Money grabbing Bastards.

      But Blue if you do get Chrono Cross be warned that the storyline is acutaclly OK, but the magic is complete shit and needlessly complacated. The only thing that I was worried about it was how it was going to cross in with Chrono Trigger and it does it well enough.

    2. The Element system isn't really that complicated, I thought it was really simple compared to other RPGs of the time.

      Skyrim's main story DID have an ending. It just let you keep playing afterwards, because it's more your character's story than the Dragonborn's. Heroes don't just stop adventuring after facing down one threat, they keep going. Out of every game I've ever played, Skyrim is probably the most like D&D in story terms and mechanics.

  10. From what i've read Digital Devi Saga is either hard to find or expensive i on the other hand got it at the Gamestop at my local mall. Persona 4 is P3 but better in almost every way more Persona,better S. Links, money for the most part is easier to find but not in a big of a bulk like 3, music is just as great, and equipment is a million times much easier to get you don't have to get lucky anymore and find a rare chest.

  11. Blue Highwind, i highly recommend Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on the PS2. It is made by the same people who made Valkyrie Profile and Resonance of Fate,(tri-ace) but not nearly as complicated. It has a good sci-fi storyline, interesting characters,and fun(in my opinion) battle system. The only negative thing i have against it is that some story scenes take FOREVER. Other than that, it's a pretty good game.

  12. A lot of people like Final Fantasy now, but they have lost me as a consumer and that comes after FFXII Blue, which i know was a good game in your opinion. To me, it seems like they are trying to do a blitz to see how fast they can get to FF 20. FF IX was great b/c there was so much going on and FF IX it was a serious game but also a not-afraid-to-laugh game. They need to go back to what works? "Well, what works?" you ask. Kingdom Hearts 3! And btw Legend of the Dragoon is a decent RPG. The last battle takes 20 years and the whole combo hitting system took a minute to get used to but it was pretty good.

  13. The lack of The World Ends With You disturbs me...

  14. my favorite jrpgs of all time (actually games of all time) are Final Fantasy IX and Chrono Cross (Final Fantasy IX is a bit better though, and i never played Chrono Trigger yet so maybe that is why i appreciate chrono cross with out some biased) because they are beautifully made, the atmosphere is enticing for adventure (for me rpg is having a great grand adventure), worlds are pretty well made, music are good, characters are lovable (in Chrono Cross you'll appreciate the character more when you try having them interact with their parallel world counter part, though it doesn't add much to the character depth, but still charming) and heart warming stories.

    you may try these also, though i can't say they are on par with CC or FFIX

    Legends of Dragoons (this one feels like playing CC)
    Suikoden 2
    Breath of Fire 3
    Persona 2