Monday, July 23, 2012

Man of Steel Trailer

No, I'm not going to do a Super Movie Superdown for this movie:

Last year I mentioned that I thought that Superman was actually unfilmable, and... this trailer doesn't actually disprove me, but it sure goes a great way to show that I'm an idiot.  Very is only about ten seconds of Superman, but what little we see is incredible, the perfect teaser.  We see Superman working in blue collar mediocrity, we see Superman hitching a ride, we see a young boy running around in a cape, a slow montage of Americana set - oddly - to a song lifted from the Lord of the Rings.  Then we see the big deal:  Superman blasting away with a sonic boom, and that's it.

Well, even though this trailer tells us nothing, I'm hugely excited.  Zack Synder is directing, and it seems he's finally learned some kind of maturity with the camera if this teaser is to be believed, since it isn't just endless slow-mo attacks and anime cliches.  Henry Caville is Superman... and no, you don't need to know who he is.  He was the bland stonefaced here in "Immortals", which actually isn't a good sign since that movie wasn't even interesting enough to review when I saw it.  But as for a good sign:  Master Christopher Nolan is producing.  Hey, he hasn't failed me yet!  Especially when this teaser is promising an epic heroic poem for the Superman character, a level of maturity that none of the other films seem to have tried for.

"Man of Steel" is coming in 2013.


  1. Hopefully it won't be as boring as the last superman movie. Is it just me or does it seem like that no one touched ever how the kid was superman's son or did I fell asleep at that part?

    1. Superman fucked Lois, that's how. The kid was the most interesting part, I wanted to see the adventures of Superboy.

    2. I know that part. It just seemed like after he pushed that piano, no one even mentioned him being superman's son or anything. That part always bugged me.

  2. Well Im still skeptical about this Project, Im trying to find a copy of all star superman, i heard from a lot of sources that book shows why people like superman. Well i sorta hoping who ever wrote that book is in on this project.