Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ted Cruz's Response to My Open Letter

Holy crap, a response!  A month and a half ago I sent Ted Cruz an email - which I generally assumed would end up unread and ignored - which I posted on this blog.  Just five hours ago I actually received a response, which out of fairness I felt I should post:
Dear Eric,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the recent debate over funding the federal government.  Input from fellow Texans significantly informs my decision-making and empowers me to better represent the state.  I especially appreciate your patience awaiting a response as we established our office and mail system.
In October, our country experienced the first "shutdown" of some government services in more than a decade.  This partial shutdown was triggered by the refusal of President Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid to even consider the 16 House-passed measures to fund every single aspect of the federal government, except Obamacare.  The result was to delay benefits for veterans, interrupt important medical research, and deny Americans access to their own national parks and monuments.  At the very same time President Obama was arguing these services were vital and necessary, he was threatening to veto efforts to ensure they continued. 
Although I believed the government should remain open and functioning, I voted against the deal that ended the shutdown because it did nothing to give relief to the millions of Americans who are hurting because of Obamacare.  Today, many of my Democrat colleagues are calling for an end to the "mandate" that Americans buy insurance through Obamacare - a position that, if adopted in October, could have prevented the shutdown.
Until Congress listens to the demands of the American people, our country cannot return to a path of job creation and economic growth. I remain committed to the full repeal of Obamacare.
Thank you for sharing your views with me. Please feel free to contact me in the future about any issue important to your family. It is an honor to serve you and the people of Texas.
For Liberty,
Senator Ted Cruz

Its actually a much nicer and intelligent email that I probably deserved considering the harness of my original correspondence. This may be just a generalized email on this subject (I'm sure he gets thousands of letters and emails a day) but any response at all was more than I thought I'd get. I've sent back a thank you reply. Also, pretty cool to get a letter from a Senator, even if it is Ted Cruz.  And since Obamacare so far has been little more than a disaster (post on that coming), I'd say his position was legitimate, but his methods were not.


  1. Well, considering he says that you're a citizen of Texas and that in the very first line of your email you say you're not a citizen of Texas, I'd say it's a generalized response.

  2. Even though it does look like a modified form letter, what with you being called a Texas Citizen, it is still amazing. Congrats for getting a reply.
    And props on sending the email in the first place, that takes guts.
    Also cant wait for your thoughts on Obamacare ( luckily I already live in a country that has free medical care, :) )
    Sword Of Primus

  3. Very cool indeed. Regardless of one's political views, I believe it's important that every one understand and care about the system now more than ever. I do find it funny he figured you to be a citizen of Texas... Though I must say, it is nice down here.


  4. That's awesome, man. Like you said, at least you got a reply. It's almost midnight, so I can't exactly say anything of interest other than hgarvfligshlbip so you should only pay attention to the first two sentences(if you can even call them that) and pretend this sentence never even happened.