Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Godzilla (2014) Trailer

It has been about a dozen lifetimes since the advertising lead-up to the 1998 Roland Emmerich "Godzilla".  You may not remember the movie fondly, but the advertisers sure did know how to make you excited for a giant monster attacking Manhattan.  The trailer I remember most was merely Godzilla's ears rolling up out of New York Harbor:  impending doom for the entire area.  The brilliant bit though, was that they never showed us what Godzilla looked like until the movie came out.  Which was not only a great way to build suspense, but a fantastic way to avoid revealing that Godzilla looked like a silly lizard with a Jay Leno chin.  And of course that the 1998 movie was really about Matthew Broderick's love life and a "Jurassic Park" stage show within Madison Square Garden.

Anyway, now it is 2014, and Hollywood is going to try again.  Here's the official trailer for "Godzilla", coming out this May:

Good news:  the movie stars Bryan Cranston, and not some boring young dude as you would expect from a cookie-cutter blockbuster in 2014.  We do not get a good look at Godzilla immediately, but that's to be expected, and encouraged to provoke suspense.  From the trailer it also seems that Godzilla will actually get to destroy things.  That city looks positively wrecked in the commercial.  Not sure what any of this has to do with the Monolith Theme from "2001" though.

One clever detail that I love is that the trailer implies that the Pacific nuclear tests were made to kill Godzilla, they were not what made him.  And if a nuke is not going to work, what will?  Definitely not two missiles like the 1998 movie.  Nothing will work, because this is Godzilla, and he is going to buttfuck San Francisco, and we are all going to love it.  Hopefully some of the other creatures we see growing are a foe for Godzilla to wrestle, because the world needs a new kaiju flick.  Let us all root for the big green monster come this spring.


  1. Did you hear about the theatrical re-release of the original film coming later this year? It's going to be uncut and uncensored, with subtitles instead of dubbed.

  2. Cool beans.
    Would be nice to watch while waiting for Pacific Rim 2.
    But then again......I should just watch the original.

  3. There is only thing that can stop the power of Godzilla in this film.
    Only one being with pure of heart, strong of will and in style no less.


    Sword Of Primus

  4. Godzilla was one of the first movie made. This is great thing that we never forget our roots. That Godzilla was the cause of our culture and so much. Although he died many years ago, i hope this version play good tribute to Godzilla