Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Reaction

So Sunday was the Super Bowl.  The 49th Super Bowl to be exact.  It was a fun night of great football, dancing sharks, Danny Trejo with an ax, Russell Wilson blowing the game, Vin Deisel in a flying Lamborghini, Kate Upton shilling a free-to-play game made by people more evil than ISIS, and Nationwide killing children to make... some kind of a point.  Who knows?  The commercials let us down but the Seahawks vs Patriots game was fantastic.  Here are my thoughts:

Richard Sherman's look of utter defeat made my year.  Finally revenge for last Super Bowl.  Suck it, Seattle!

If perchance you have any thoughts of your own, share them below.


  1. As a Peyton Manning fan, last year's Super Bowl sucked. I wanted him to win one more so we wouldn't hear anymore bullshit questions about his greatness. Unfortunately, Seattle is just another animal. What makes them even more impressive is their dominance in an era with rules that are so heavily tilted in favor of the offenses. That's why I'm still speechless they let Tom Brady dink and dunk the ball around for two fourth quarter touchdowns with two midgets and a caveman for receivers. I don't know if it was the injuries or what, but the defense is what lost Seattle the game. They should have never put their offense in that position in the first place.

    Now on to "The Call" as it will no doubt be remembered as in NFL lore much like "The Drive" or "The Catch." I can't believe Pete Carroll did it. You have Marshawn Lynch, the best bruiser back in the league, and you need 1 yard. You run the ball three times and if you get stopped all three times, so be it, but you run the damn ball. To make that call in that situation is inexplicable and it'll haunt that team and those fans even after they win their next Super Bowl (and they will, soon).

    I don't really have an NFL team like I do college (Go Noles), but I do like a lot of the players. This makes it easy for me to enjoy Sundays stress free. Super Bowl Sunday is like my Christmas, and I enjoy it every single year, last year and 2010 being the exception as those were Peyton Manning losses. However, I actually really like Seattle. They're just a young, badass team that has taken the league by storm here these last three years. But I wouldn't have cared if they won or loss if they were playing ANYONE else. Instead, we get to listen to how great the fucking Patriots are. I hate the Patriots. Fuck'em. I was so happy when Kearse made that miracle catch on the last drive. Another heartbreak for those pricks. But no. Carroll went full retard.

    All that said, if I'm being embarrassingly honest, I've seen every single Super Bowl save for the first one (most footage has been lost). There's been some all time sporting classics played in that game. XXV with the Bill going Wide Right, XXII with Montana driving 93 yards, XXXIV with Dyson coming up one yard short against the Rams, XXXVI and XXXVIII with Patriots winning on FG's, XLII with the Pats going 18-1, XLIII with the Steelers and Cards... You get the picture. But after sitting on this game for a few days and having some time to think about it, I'm not so sure this wasn't the best Super Bowl of all time. Both teams really played at a high level throughout, the Patriots comeback in the 4th, Kearse's miracle catch, and then the most infamous call in NFL history.

    It was a truly spectacular game. I hated the outcome, but I enjoyed every minute. And I already miss football season.

    Sorry for the long reply,

    1. Peter Carroll says he made the call but I can't help but think he's just trying to cover for his offensive coordinator, who might be on the chopping block for making that call. Boomer Esiason has been saying on his radio show with Craig Carton that the reason they called that play was because Seattle's offense was unprepared for New England's goal defense, where they had almost everybody on the line. They just wanted a quick play to set up a final winning running play.

      What I don't think people are giving enough credit to is Patriots defense, especially Butler, who knew EXACTLY where to be to grab that ball. Sure Wilson threw just a bit to the left, Seattle probably shouldn't have made that call, but Butler was perfect there. That was game-winning.

      (Also I've only seen the last... probably eighteen Super Bowls. Only managed to become a serious football fan in college, get more hardcore every year.)

  2. Oh yeah. The call has overshadowed what was a fantastic play on the ball by that kid. He read it immediately. The only thing about the throw Wilson made is that when you're in that situation, you want to try and throw the ball low near the knees of the receiver to avoid a tipped ball or something. But even with NE's defense, which has been very good this season, you've GOT to think you can get at least one yard with Lynch. If they were so intent on throwing, they should have rolled Wilson out.