Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Defeated

This is easily the most major piece of news I've ever covered here at this blog.  Tonight the President went on the air to officially announce that Osama Bin Laden, the archenemy of the United States was killed in Pakistan in a special forces raid on his evil lair.  Osama Bin Laden, architect of 9/11 and founder of Al-Qaeda is now dead after a ten year world hunt.  For years Osama's survival has been an embarrassing recurring joke, an awful reminder of the incompetence of the War on Terror.  His very existence was a reminder of the weakness of the American military, and his death is now an affirmation of our power.  But today President Obama made the order - as he promised on the campaign trail, sent in the troops, and took him down.  This is not the end of the war, but it is a victory.  Now the world knows once again, that nobody who attacks this nation will escape without retribution.  There are few times that when you turn on the news networks that you hear news that legitimately puts a smile on your face - this man's death is joyous moment for all Americans.  But not just for the people of this nation but all people who love freedom, and stand against Jihadism.

Now Osama has joined the other great villains of our past in the place that they rightfully belong:  the pages of history.  The war is not over.  Many will mourn this man.  Some might even plan reprisals against America for killing their leader.  But those who cry out in anguish on this day must know this:  you're next.

AMERICA FUCK YEAH! - I know this song is a parody of this exact kind of this ultra- patriotic American propaganda, but its so appropriate.  FUCK YEAH!  Also we need a few USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!


  1. When I read the title I Google'd "America, Fuck Yeah!" right away to use in a comment, but I see you beat me to it. Drinks would be in order but alas, we Canadians have an election to get to. Enjoy your victory America.

  2. "Now the world knows once again, that nobody who attacks this nation will escape without retribution."

    What about retribution for all your nation has done in the past years? It has killed many more than Osama ever did, never descending from its high horse, of course.
    I should be happy that there is one less dangerous terrorrist in the world, but I can't. Because the people who punished him were not a leak better than he was.

  3. Well there goes my theory that he's been dead this whole time and the terrorists were just using prerecorded videos...
    This ought to be a blow to Al-Qaeda's morale.


  5. @Erisianus

    Wow, did you just compare us to Osama?

  6. I don't see why the american government needs to take revenge for the murder of its civilians. And I agree with Erisianus. America has shown remarkable solidarity with Osama's message of bloody revenge on civilians in its war on (of) terror. Instead of shooting children we should be building schools if we want to end terrorism. The "justice" we meted out against Osama, while just, is tainted by the blood of many times more innocents than Osama killed. The end does not justify the means. The crowds celebrating, the ignorant people spouting their garbage, just know that your justice was bought at a terrible price in human life, and a perpetuation of hatred towards the West in the Middle east.


  7. Boo hoo, the war cost lives. I'm a little tired of people whining that so much was lost just to kill Osama. It was never about killing Osama, he's just a man. In a more reasonable time he would be nothing but a ranting homeless person. The point was to destroy Al-Qaeda and assert that American will defeat its enemies. Its not entirely revenge, its a security measure. Al-Qaeda is nothing without its symbol.

    The Jihadists are on the wrong side of history. And trust me when I tell that history is never kind to the losers.

  8. Dear lord, my school will not shut up about this!! But still, WE GOT 'IM! USA! USA! USA!