Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interstellar Trailer

Master Christopher Nolan sends Matthew McConaughey to space.  This trailer aired just before "Godzilla" on Thursday night, and it was regrettably the best part of that movie.

On a dying Earth - that still has picturesque Midwestern farms, albeit ones on fire - Matthew McConaughey must go to space to begin the next stage in humanity's future.  Christopher Nolan is not creating a silly disaster movie such as "The Core" and "Sunshine" where the characters simply have to flip a switch and save our pretty little orb, this is humanity plotting to escape our little sphere for our own survival.  Which is a much bolder SciFi concept than pretty much anything else that would get made for several hundred million dollars.  It looks quite good.  There also appears to be some business with wormholes and time travel, or something.  Anyway, we'll see how well "Gravity"'s coattails can be ridden and whether time really is a flat circle this Fall.


  1. I'm hesitantly hopeful for this, but with the mixed track record with Sci-Fi films in the last few years im fearing for the worst. I'll get hyped by the trailer and then get disappointed.
    Its what im really fearing with The Guardians of the Galaxy
    Sword Of Primus

  2. People living Earth for other Planets was also part of science fiction masterpieces like Jason X and After Earth.