Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Announcement Tralier

So this happened:

Amazingly vague, no gameplay, but there are covers!  Because that's what I want to see when I see a game trailer, is a cover.  Apparently this is a new dimension of gameplay or something, it is all very vague.  Is it finally a remake of Hoenn?  Will there be trumpets?  And that was the gen with the space port!  CAN WE GO TO SPACE?  IWANNAGOTOSPACEIWANNAGOTOSPACE!!!  PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!

More importantly, this finally means I can have my favorite Pokemon, Milotic, in Gen VI.  YAY!

Coming November 2014.  (Can I have my check now, Nintendo?)


  1. This is so awesome. I can finally go and catch the Regis (well, I guess Regigigas aside), which are pretty much the only legendaries I have missing. Even though I personally think all of them are silly (especially with the unified vulnerability to Fighting), hence why I don't have them :P Whatever the case, NEW POKEMON REMAKES OMG

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the Hoen region (Johto 4 life betch!), but nonetheless I am excited to see what this will bring. Hopefully this will have a better story then what ever X/Y was trying to tell. Also may I ask what is the whole Trumpets thing is about? I've only recently gotten back to the Pokemon fandom and I'm not particularly fresh on my memes.

    1. In a nutshell, the Gen 3 games' soundtrack boiled down to TRUMPETS and whatever else they decided to put in there.

      Gotta say though, it was one hellava catchy soundtrack. Possibly the best.

  3. Ehhh could be good.
    I'll admit I have always had a mixed relationship with pokemon. I did love the anime as a kid and to this day I am trying to hunt down a copy of colosseum for the gamecube.

    But until this year I never owned one the portable games, when I finally hunted down a copy of fire red for the Gameboy and a copy of soul silver for the DS last week.

    I will beat the Battle Factory Bluehighwind and defeat RED !!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I found starting in the 3rd gen very few of the mons appealed to me that much. Ruby/Sapphire were okay, but gens 4-6 mons generally are pretty ugly. I don't thin I'd enjoy this game as much with the lack of mons I like.

    But if people are happy, let them rejoice.

    Sword Of Primus

  4. Even though my favorite color's blue, I'm gonna have to get Omega Ruby here. Groudon's just so mcuh more badass than Kyogre.

    1. Well the best version by far is Emerald, so I'm hoping that storyline remains intact.

  5. Wish they'd remake Emerald, but seeing as they didn't remake Yellow or Crystal it's pretty unlikely