Sunday, June 15, 2014

Returned from E3!!

Hi!  I'm back!!  Had a great time!  I collected a lot of exclamation marks in California, so I gotta use them now or else they rot.

Anyway, right now I really don't have any posts to share other than to link over to my E3 Reports I wrote for Wikia.  I would have shared them earlier, but I figured they should remain on some level exclusive, at least for a little while.  They never said I couldn't repost them, but, you know, they've given so much, me writing a few E3 reactions is basically the only thing I can give back.  Tonight I'll be recording a new Freelancin', which will give some more E3 thoughts, which is for you all only.

Anyway, those links:
Also there are two interviews which I took part in, I'll throw links over to them too.  I'm only in the second two, I had to miss the first to see the Smash Bros Tournament:
As for catching up after E3, I got a lot of movies to watch this week.  And of course, as soon as I landed, I have like three eight hour shifts at work right after each other.  I'll try to see as many of the films I missed over the course of the week as I can.

Anyway, sorry about that sabbatical, Planet Blue is now back online.


  1. Huh. I would have thought you would have had something to say about Final Fantasy Type-0 being ported to PS4 and XBOne and being brought to America, just a couple days after the fan translation was finished. Maybe in another post?

  2. You look just as chill as you sound.

  3. The most disappointing thing is that we still don't have a localization to Dragon Quest VII in sight.