Thursday, June 5, 2014


So this is probably the biggest news I've ever shared on this blog so far.  Wikia, the lovely company that runs wikis all across the Internet, has decided to send me over to E3, thanks to being a huge gaming nerd and specially a lifelong Nintendo fan.  They had a Golden Ticket contest open for any Wiki Editor who fit those bills and could work as a great communicator, and thanks to this blog and my work on this wiki, Wikia's Gaming Supervisors chose me.  Yes, people actually do win contests, and it turns out I'm one of them.  So I'm getting flown out to Los Angeles this Sunday - all expenses paid - to attend this year's E3 as a Wikia community representative, to attend VIP events and report back to the general community at large.

So in terms of blogging, immediately this means that anything I've got planned for next week is on hiatus.  I'm going to record a really quick Freelancin' podcast tonight to give some of my E3 hopes, I was going to make the anyway, but now the tone is going to be a lot different.  Beyond that it means I really won't be able to review the movies coming out this weekend for awhile.  (Which is a shame since "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Edge of Tomorrow" actually got great reviews.)   I'll still be posting directly and communicating with the Internet, but it will just be as a Wikia representative and most likely post some things or even videos on the Nintendo Wiki.  Right now I don't know what the exact details of the trip are going to be, I just know I'll be closer to the action of the biggest moment on the gaming calendar than ever before in my life.  It's always been on my Bucket List to attend E3 just once, and now that little dream is coming true, in spectacular fashion.

Anyway, as for what kind of content I'll be posting, I don't exactly know.  Whatever it is, I'm going to keep you blog readers in on the action with links and other details.  There's even talk of some kind of video interview with some of the other Editors who being sent to E3, so this might be the first time I'm ever broadcast on camera, which is a wild deal in of itself.  (Don't get your hopes up if you've imagined me as a supreme handsome hunk of a man, I look like I'm fifteen.)  Altogether this is truly one of the coolest things to ever happen to me, and I cannot wait to use this position to share information to a larger audience than ever, actually in person with major events - almost like a real journalist.  It's wild.

Thanks, Wikia, you're really cool.  I have no words, really.


  1. Well that's grand to hear. Hope this gives you a ton to talk about after the experience.

  2. Good for you, Blue! Hope you have a good time, man! Also if you can try in sneak into the Square Enix booth and interrogate one of the heads about any Dragon Quest info :3

  3. That is amazing :).
    This is the Mecca of gaming and you got to go sweet.
    Definitely try and see what the new monolith soft title for the WIIU will be like, that's the one im most excited for.
    Have lots of fun at e3 and tell us all about it.
    Sword of Primus

  4. Wow, that's amazing! Congrats, Blue! Hope you have fun!

  5. Dude, that's awesome! Have fun.

  6. Congratulations. Have Fun. Not jealous or anything. Let's hope this e3 is better than the other ones. Please let the new Zelda be good. PLEASE PLASE PLEASE.

  7. Congrats Blue! Hopefully this means more gaming-related posts in the future, Not to riff on your movie reviews, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on some titles now and then.