Tuesday, December 1, 2009



  1. Terra, Blue? She seems a little curvier than before... :P

    How have you been? I saw you (or someone using your name) on the FF wiki IRC, but they weren't responding.

  2. Why Terra? You didn't seem like a big fan of VI, Terra, or green-haired women. I would expect Tifa, or Edea, or even Garnett.

  3. Hey, Yuaney! I've actually been quite good. These first couple of months in college have left me with only two complaints: 1) since leaving the wiki I have had no place to post my rambling mind quirks (now fixed with this blog), and 2) engineering is a bitch hard major. NEVER TAKE IT. I've already fled to a History Education program.

    I chose Terra because my last attempts at drawing her were so unfathomly terrible that I needed to do better.

  4. Blue, I would really REALLY bow down to you if you tried to draw Ashe. Although she's mega-complex to draw... I don't even know how she gets that "shirt" of hers on.... Maybe it snaps.

    Anyway, nice Terra drawing. Only thing that bugs me is the eyelashes. Too long for Terra, IMO anyway. But I dunno. xD