Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dragon Quest X Trailer

So here's what me and everybody else were hoping for:  an update of "Dragon Quest VIII" just with a few fixes here and there.  "Dragon Quest VIII" was a great game, but far from perfect, could have used some tweaking here and there.  No random encounters, an easier crafting system (why do I have to wait an hour for a sword to be made?), and maybe a somewhat larger-scale story.  Not a huge update, but a modest step forward, including the ideas that "Dragon Quest IX" brought to the table.

What we didn't want, and what nobody wanted, was an MMO.  So Square Enix made one.  Some people are saying this isn't an MMO, its an "online RPG".  Well, its the online mutliplayer aspect that is exactly the thing that makes me not play MMOs, so it makes no difference to me.  Not playing either way.

Well, that's one game I won't be playing then.  Thanks, SE, keep me waiting with my feet on my tippy-toes for two years for you to reveal this game, and instead you completely screw me over.  If you're going to make an MMO, announce it as an MMO from day one!  Don't just say "oh, there's going to be a DQX, we'll reveal it later".  No, when you say the words "Dragon Quest X", you say "MMO" in that same sentence.  I didn't get mad about "Final Fantasy XIV", but I'm mad about this.  So that's where this post is going to end, because there are a lot of things I can say now that I don't really want remembered for posterity.  Just know this:  SE, you fucked up.

When is "Dragon Quest XI" coming?


  1. Doesn't Square have enough MMOs already?

  2. This is a sad day for nerds everywhere. I drink my redbull with a frown on my face and a tear in my eye. Why DQ?! Why did you sell out?! Didn't you see how FFXI and XIV flopped?! And don't anyone argue with me, you know it as much as I do that hey did.

    -The 1 & only Uzuki

  3. @Uzuki
    Actually, as far as I know both MMO's do/did rake in a good amount of cash, but I don't know whether or not that is/was as much as a regular FF title.

  4. FFXI in terms of raw profit was the most successful Final Fantasy game of all time. Its one of the most popular MMOs on the market, even to this day, which is incredible for a game so old. FFXIV was probably built as a successor, but those plans are probably dead now because FFXIV is indisputably the worst Final Fantasy game ever made. A year of work has made things better, but still, it was lousy at release.

    So really, SE could either make hundreds of millions here or lose big. I'm rooting against them.

  5. But see the reason FFXI made so much money, was because that was what people were looking for at the time. I can honestly say that the only three biggest MMO games at the time were were World of Warcraft, Rune Scape, and Maplestory. Final Fantasy XI offered something that people wanted at the time: A fantasy game which they could understand and already knew and loved, some form of backstory that made sense in it's world and wasn't depended on mindless backtracking quests, and groups of people who weren't dickheads and hackers. I will say that I liked XI and if it wasn't for the monthly fee I would still be playing it. That's what drawing all the cash in. But with the last two FF games to come out SE rushed them out for a quick buck. You can see it in FFXIII just by looking at the datalogs and you saw with XIV it took weeks for them to set it up and even then it was FREE for a month or two. SE is really starting to loose it's touch since FFXII and the only thing keeping it afloat are it's other games like Kingdom Hearts and Dragon quest and their hardcore dedicated fans.

    -The 1 &only Uzuki

  6. Final Fantasy: the next Sonic the Hedgehog?