Monday, March 31, 2014

Freelancin': BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea and Kill la Kill Finale

Another week, another Freelancin'.   I talk for a half hour this time. I'm thinking it will be a formal point that the podcast-ish-ness that is Freelancin' will be out every Monday. I've never managed to keep to a schedule before, can I do it now?

Oh, also, SPOILAHZZZ.  You were warned.


  1. Phfff, I am considering this anime. But I am so on the fence. On the one hand its a exploitative action fest, on the other hand its a exploitative action fest. I might check out the first episode sub, or even a dub if its good enough.

    Also in my opinion I don't think the ending to Trigun is as bad as you make it out to be.
    Yes it feels like there could have been more backstory for Vash and what the hell the nature of plants was( I hold on to a possible angel/son of God/Jesus theory). But what we got was amazing, the final fight with Knives was extremely well done and while it was a little lame that he let him live, I respect that its his choice based on his morals and not morals from other people like Ren.
    That's just my two cents on it.

    Sword Of Primus

  2. I would say Kill La Kill is a good anime that stands out but not as uber awesome the hype makes it out to be. I 'am not being picky with it, it's fun, wacky and has interesting gimmicks.
    My problem with it was the pacing of the plot which could of been better with how they drag the high school part of the show (mainly the boss rush against the elite four which overall leads no where) leaving not much space for the second act (even then the whole " Rukyo turning moody and then brainwashed" felt tossed in for no reason).

    Also worth pointing out. Apparently I heard that the writers were more or less pandering to the fandom's wishes while making it. This would explain Nudist Beach getting shafted in favour of team Satsuki (note how the E4 take part in all later fights but achieve little overall).

    One last thing, Nui and Ragyo should of been killed by the heroes, after the crap they both pull of they should not of been allowed to die by their own choice.

    About Trigun, I don't blame you for not liking the ending. Maybe look into the manga on your spare time. You'll get questions answered, a better story, and better awesome fights, like a two volume long battle with Woofwood taking on three Gun Ho Guns one after another.

    1. Its not that I didn't like the ending, I thought it was fine. I just thought the final episode wasn't that great.

  3. Hey Blue, I totally get you with the ending for Burial at Sea Episode 2. That'll be my spoilers tag for anyone else who may be reading this.

    As for Elizabeth dying and working for Atlas to save the children, I think one way we could look at it, though, would be that nearly all who Elizabeth has met from Rapture (let alone pretty much nearly everywhere else she seems to have been in her life) are really fucked up people. So when she decides to trade the lives of people in Rapture for the lives of the Little Sisters, it could be that A) she might not be able to empathize or think of an "innocent" civilian in Rapture because of her experiences with these civilizations, and/or B) she figures the people who live in Rapture decided to do so by choice, whereas the Little Sisters seemingly obviously don't have a choice in the matter; so either way I guess one could say she's justified in deciding to focus on saving somebody who is truly innocent in the situation they're in. But I also still don't think I entirely agree with how they chose to end it; maybe it would've been pretty different if they hadn't closed down. Ah well, some things just can't be helped.

    As for Elizabeth's death being sad... well, yeah, it is. But it doesn't have to completely be so! Maybe, even if she lost her superpowers, maybe the alternate Elizabeths still exist! Hey, Irrational's done now, we can go with almost whatever we'd like to believe that stems from any loose ends they might not have fully cleared up :D Or maybe I just missed something and they really are all gone, that tends to happen too