Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peanuts Teaser Trailer

This trailer made me giggle.  I was happy for a moment.  Let me share this happiness with you:

"Peanuts" is being developed by Blue Sky Studios, an animation studio famous for having made exactly one memorable movie in their entire history, which was "Ice Age".  And then followed a bunch of very mediocre and forgettable things like "Rio", and the occasional nightmarish affronts to God himself like "Robots".  Hopefully they have finally found some talent beyond being the weaker cousin of DreamWorks.

But "Peanuts" looks like fun.  The CG animation seems deliberately 2D to fit with Chuck Shultz's cartoon style.  They also kept the frames on the animations somewhat choppy, to more look like classic Peanuts cartoons that we've all seen and love on some level.

Maybe someday we'll see a "Calvin and Hobbes" movie?  And I'll become the Queen of France?


  1. Okay, Im actually excited for this now. I was afraid it was going to be awful for the longest time. But this I can get behind.
    And Blue,
    peuvent vos ennemis tomberont devant votre bienveillante règle française

    Sword Of Primus

  2. Ah this looks adorable! Like the other normal people of this planet I feared that this would be dead before arrival. But this looks like it's gonna be fun! Unlike Rio 2, which promises to bring back tired cliches and stereotypes.