Monday, March 24, 2014

Freelancin': James Rebhorn and Need for Speed

This is (possibly) a new weekly feature here.  I'm calling it Freelancin'... because I'm a Dragoon and Final Fantasy, and spears.  Look, I don't think of good names, okay?  Rather than just writing a review every damn time or doing something more complicated with a video and editing and what-not, I'll just heat up my microphone, talk about a few subjects, and throw in a quick dirty unscripted review of something in.  This week:  Need for Speed, but first the under appreciated career of the late great James Rebhorn.  Also some blog natter is thrown in there too.

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  1. God's Not Dead sounds like the school subplot from the Last Ounce of Courage made into a full movie. *shudder*